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Hand-crafted 1:4 scale ornamental replica mini guitar, mini drums kits and other collectible miniature instruments all handmade by quality craftsmen...

Music Legends Collection by Eurasia1:

Music  Legends  Collection  is  a   brand  of  exclusive  and  original miniatures instruments & gadgets inspired by the most famous known artists &  music  bands who made the story of music from the '50s to today.

Our brand includes two different ranges:

1- Collection of miniature instruments such as miniature electric
guitars, miniature classic guitars, miniature bass
, miniature drums
, miniature classic instruments like mini piano, mini violin,
mini congas
, wooden key chains.

2- Collection of shaped bags and wallets made in Eco-leather

This brand is owned by Eurasia1  which is a dynamic company with strong   and  great   knowledge   of  the  production   dynamics  & international   import-export  processes  since  2006. Thanks to our companies  established  in Thailand and  in  Indonesia, we directly control   each   steps  of    production  from  the  project   phases
(artwork & design) to the orders shipment. Through our European warehouse established in Torino (North Italy) we are able to directly supply distributors and retailers with our ready-to-sell stock & best shipments  solutions. We are still  searching for new  markets and distribution channels, always creating and developing new products & designs with a full synergy between our partners, production units and sales departments. Our way of work can be easily adapted according to customers requests in order to make customized promo  miniatures, bags and packages.
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