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Discover the best Shoulder Bags for men and women: Folk's collection serie by MLC.

The  folk's bags serie  is inspired by the most popular design  from the '60s to today. This collection with up than 50 fantastic's models is made out  of  premium synthetic eco-leather. The bags are UNISEX and are wearable by young and old alike. This is a really useful & spacious Shoulder Bag, ideal for men's, ladies or girls it has so many uses, traveling, walking the dog, work, protect your electronics devices such computer, tablet or just nipping out to town etc the list is endless just a well designed bag. Made by MLC a new brand that I'm sure you are going to hear a lot about.

Folk shoulder bag size: 28H x 39L
Bag internal capacity Lt: 9 (approx.)
Material: PVC
HD 3D Laser print Label and barecode.

multi_purpose spacious _shoulder_bag

The Music Legends collection folk bags
are fully customizable and are great as concerts ,events,  merchandising and promotional marketingall is possible!


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