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Music gadgets, music themed ideas gift, mini-guitars, professional starter kit  for USA / South America retailers.

Music gadgets professional starter kit  code PSK499 for US/South America market*

Mini guitars, mini drums set, mini pianos, guitars shaped wood keychains, guitars shaped wood fridge magnets, guitars shaped stainless keychains, guitars shaped stainless fridge magnets, guitars shaped stainless necklace, eco leather guitars shaped bags, eco leather jazz and folk bags, eco leather wallets.

All items in stock only, express
delivery, try it NOW!

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ONLY 499.00 USD!!! Save 146 USD, FREE SHIPPING

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*The professional starter kit code
PSK499 is exclusively reserved for the US/South America market.
*We're sorry but we don't sell directly to the public, We sell only to businesses or institutions.


In Music we trust...Music is life....

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