hand-crafted replicas mini guitar in scale 1:4

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Mini-guitars replicas in scale. Ornamental miniature instruments. Music themed ideas gift. Manufacturer - wholesale.

Mini-guitars are 1:4 scale. They are handcrafted from solid wood and inspired by the real guitars of the rock stars that have made the history of music from the '60s to today. Our fantastic collection is composed by more than 300 models. We are the only company in the world that offer the most largest  quality assortment @ best prices!. Each ornemental mini-guitar is hand made and hand air brushed by skilled craft people. We  The size of the mini guitar is 25 cm high (10”) approx. and comes with his mini-guitar stand. The miniature guitar is displayed by a professional and charming retail box, with haggling system and an ample transparent window on the frontal side studied to incentivize the customer free service. Mini-guitars are not playable and they're definitely not toys.


This mini-guitars replicas are original ideas gift for musicians, artitsts and music  lovers. Our mini instruments are worldwide supplied; you can find them in music shops, musical instruments shops, gifts and souvenir shops, bookstore, stationery, E-shops, Ebay, Amazon... Our costumers have not a specific age. Mini-guitars catch the attention of everyone: young , aged (they loves the products of quality) made as their time... and loves musical band or singers of their generation as: (Beatles, Elvis Presley...), young peoples who loves the new musical tendencies: Metal, Hard-rock... and normal people that want to give an original gift to someone or want to decorate their home or want to buy an original present to give to their wedding guests or want buy the model of the guitar they played in the past as well retailer who want to decorate their shop windows to enforce the message of quality.

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Miniguitars specification:
Mini-guitar size cm: 25H x 9L x 0,8P (approx.)
Mini-guitar retail box size cm: 30H x 10L x 3P
Box and mini-guitar total weight gr: 120 (approx.)
Mini-guitar material: Mahogany wood
Retail packaging with label and barecode

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