Ornamental miniature replica amps

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Ornamental replica amps 1:4 scale handcrafted vintage-style collection, great gifts for music lover's.

This mini amps are all  inspired in shape and colours by the real models that have made the history of music from the 60s' to today.  Our range include more than 10 wonderful models. Each  mini-amps replicas are individually handcrafted from solid wood by skilled craft people. This vintage-style amplifier are precisely proportionate to our 1:4 scale miniature bass and guitars. The detail includes metal wire mesh front, mahogany-built amp box, knobs, speaker detail, and much more. These miniature 1:4 collectible amplifiers make a great addition to any miniature guitar or bass.

Miniature Replica Amps

This replica vintage amplifiers are original ideas gift for music lovers. Our wonderful mini instruments are worldwide supplied; you can find them in: music shops, musical instruments shops, gifts and souvenir shops, bookstore, stationery, online E-shops, Ebay, Amazon...

The mini Amp are fully customizable and are great as concerts and events merchandising and promotional marketing… all is possible!

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MLC your reliable source for Wholesale mini-guitar replica, collectibles music gadgets and premium pvc bag's

All of our hand-crafted mini-guitars, music gadgets and bag's are in stock and ready to ship today, to anywhere in the world! If you would like to become a distributor or reseller of official products from MLC, we would like to hear from you! For further details, please contact us to: mlc.imp.exp@gmail.com

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