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Mini-guitar replicas, mini-instruments music gadgets: FAQ

What are they?                                       

Mini-guitar replica and mini-instruments are  hancrafti & hand airbrushed. Most of them are inspired to the real one played by the most famous international artists or music Bands. There are not playable and they're definitely not toys.


Who made them? 

They are made by skilled craftmens in our factory in Indonesia.


How could they realize them?

Each mini-guitars is realized working the  mahogany wood.  The craftman use particular instruments of
precision for working it. After made the row miniature, other specialized craft people paint the front and the back of the guitar using the air brush by hand. After that the mini guitar is putted inside a very nice collection box. All the mini-guitars are sold with their ABS Stand support.


What is it for?

It could be used as/for:

- Collection by people that loves music and musicians.

- An original and refined gift (exmple: for Christmas, birthday and other occasions).
- A  product for everyone (is not only a product loved by people that like music...

many peoples sometimes buy it for its nice colour or fantasy... Then is a product that has got a large
public... We propose classic's mini-instruments, mini-guitar, mini drums kits. The mini-guitars eras is from'60 to today... so miniature for oldest and yougest

- to furnish and to personalize a room. You can put miniature instruments it in the office or      studio or
in   a  living room, into a  drawer...

- a wedding for giving a very original and beautiful presents to your wedding guests.

- to decorate a shop window. A retailer can use them to enforce the message of quality of his products.

Who are your retail customers?

Our costumers have not a specific age. Mini-instruments catch the attention of everyone: children , aged
(they loves the products of quality) made as their time... and loves musical band or singers of their generation as: (Beatles, Elvis Presley...), young guys (who loves the new musical tendencies: Metal,Hard-rock... and normal people that want to give an original gift to someone or want todecorate their home or want to buy an original present to give to their wedding guests,or want buy the model of the guitar they played in the past, retailer who want to decorate their shop windows to enforce the message of quality.

Who are your wholesale customer?

Into wholesale commerce we have a lot of customers that bought it for their: music store,shop gift ideas,
stationary stores, toy store, tobacconist, e-commerce, shop...Than we have a lot of customers that sell our mini-instruments and mini-guitars into their shop into tourist towns.

Have you got a catalogue? How many kinds of guitars do you have?

In that moment we are one of the unique manufacturer & importer of big quantity established in Thailand,
Indonesia and Italy. During these years we have developed our mini-guitar introducing new models listening to the needs and the necessity of our retail and wholesaler costumers and analysing the new world musical tendencies and the main musical events. At that moment we have encoded our mini guitars & otherminiature instruments. We have up then 300 code of different musical themes and famous guitarists.  We accept your designs in order to personalize your  mini guitar & other miniature instruments if you desire. We can realize them and we can personalize their box with your logo for a MOQ order.

What is your capacity of production?

At the moment we need to produce 10.000 mini guitars/month. But we can increase when we want our capacity
of production very fast.

Which is the minimum I can order?

There isnt MOQ for retailers (no minimum orderable quantity)

Can I choose the code of miniature guitar?

Yes, or you can let us select for
the best seller's

How can I expose them?

For having a perfect exposition of those mini guitars you must show to your costumers at least 50 pieces,
different models, with different colour. Not use only few colours or models cause people have different tastes and preferences; so it is important offer them a big choice (from classical instruments to today instruments (It is important to explain to the customers to show the  miniature guitar usingtheir support… (one near to the other)

How about the packing?

For this item we developed a very particular type of paking, studied for the GDO needs with a very large
and clear windows on the front to promote the customer's free service. Than thanks to its particular design a retailer can hang the guitar's box on a hook. This was studied to save the space on the shops cause it allows to verticalize the expositions  using a facing or a display stand. In the back part we print a very nice music image with the title of the collection. This is made to enforce the concept of quality of our item.

Which is the size of the boxes?

The box is: 29.5/32H x 3P x 10 L. we ship 50 inner carton using a master carton 30H x 40L x 40W cm.

Information about copyright. Are those guitars legal?

Yes they are lega l cause our mini guitars don't have any brand, images or band and artist's name printed
on thos,  is one of the difference between us and  our competitors.  All range of our miniature instruments is ready to selling AROUND THE WORLD. Those are all only inspired on the form and on the chromatic combinations to the real one played by the guitarist. Than the final destination of our miniature  guitars is different from the final destination of a real guitar. MLC / Eurasia1  aren't affiliated with any manufacturer of full-sized musical instruments or artist. Model names and artist names are used for look-alike examples only. In no way ours companies affiliated with any artists or manufacturers mentioned on this website. Some famous names are used to depict the style of each type of instrument. None of the instruments on this website are exact replicas except the licensed models under the personalised tab.

Information about the prices

If you make an order during the fair you can enjoy (or you can have access) our special discount “The more you buy…
The less you pay!!”

How much discount could i have for my quantity?


How much does it cost?

Look at the price list.  You could enjoy our special discount PROMOTION -10% -20% PACK PRO.  The prices list
don't include shipment costs.

How much are the shipment costs?

It's depend from their country... the shipment costs change according to the transport means used (air cargo, naval
cargo, truck)to the volume of the expedition... and from the distances of the destination country.

Information about the shipment. What courier do you use?

For the safety of our expedition and for the satisfaction of our costumers we suggest to use only international
ecourier. Our courrier is: DPD TNT SDA or EKO for FOB.

How long does the shipment take?

It takes about 4 to 7 working days for a normal order from our warehouses in Italy. For FOB orders with many pieces
we can agree the timing of delivery.

Direct import infos:
How many pieces are on 1cbm?

About 1100 units.

How much is the price for a FCL from Indonesia to Europe?

It's about 750 to1000usd but it change every month.

How much is the price for a LCL from Indonesia to Europe?

It's about 50/80usd but it change every month.

How much is the price for a shipment by air freight from Indonesia to Europe?

It changes according to the weight but it's around 5/10 usd per kilogram

Information about payment.
How can I pay?

You can pay by:

- Bank transfer on our bank account

- Visa - Mastercard trough Paypal
- Paypal

When can i order?

- During the fair.

- After the fair by e-mail, by phone.
- By our websites

Thank you for reading the FAQ, To know more about our mini-instruments range feel free to contact us to :